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I’ll take any worthy translation, proofreading or back-translation project that fits my profile (for example, legal, architectural, auto industry, banking, safety guidelines, user manuals/drug patient information, plus the core “human” areas of economics, sociology, psychology and hypnotherapy). I’ve done in-service training in more specialized areas of translation (e.g. hospital release records, general medical, biotech, localization including permits etc.). I’ll engage a proofreader and consult other professionals on questions of terminology and also apply the translation memories (TM) if required by a client and perform accurate version control.
  • Translation of texts from Hungarian to English or English to Hungarian in any format (MS Word, pdf, presentation, TRADOS, scanned documents etc.);
  • Proofreading of translations in both languages using specialist dictionaries, reference terminology and net sources;
  • Final check and comparison of translation both ways – work performed per word or for hourly charges;
  • Simple check of grammar, terminology, word choice and textual integrity in texts created in either language, feedback on textual integrity to the author;
  • Back-translation of texts to reflect merits and errors of translation with notes;
  • Checking machine versions and deciding on their utility, merits or errors;
  • Interpretation in person, via skype or telephone in the fields marked using preferred terminology.
All work (from 2014) will be billed in the U.S. according to agreed A.T.A. prices, whether I am staying in the U.S. or in Hungary. I am willing and able to work as part of a team of translators or proofreaders. Customers should state preferences ahead of time – especially preferred terminology in translation memory, glossaries or other formats. All terminology otherwise unspecified will be checked against professional dictionaries and internet compilations of terms and usage, and all terms and requests of confidentiality can be checked in emails or other communication.
As a member of the American Translators’ Association, I hold the code of ethics the ATA binding in relation to my work, and the general good practices of the ATA benchmarks, and I will honor clients’ requests regarding confidentiality and other significant terms and conditions of translation and interpretation or tasks relating to text integrity if instructed in writing or verbally.



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